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Thank you so very much for your interest, our hope & Prayer is you will in some manner be joining us in the fight for meeting the desperate cry of the lost children as well as our future. If you have not been introduced to Crimes Against Children here is a great way to understand the need. We have been fighting the laws as they pertain to people the hurt children. Crimes Against Children has been addressing the laws as they pertainto the following:
1.) Anyperson that abducts a child
2.) Anyperson that Molests a Child

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Criminal Sexual Conduct

I need you to follow this link, Click His Name, it just goes to Better Tomorrows Ministry, but if you are a parent, plan to raise a family, or know someone who has children this story could make a difference in your child's life as This Young Man saved his Sisters Life.

Harvey Carrasco Saves the Life of His Sister  

I have been rearranging the YouTube songs, which by the way is BTEM2008 – it is public page under that name you can listen to any of the music, you can comment and pick yourself a list for an account of your own, -- it is free as most know. – if you have any problems email us and I will send you the security code. The last few days I have been mesmerized the empowerment of God’s Music. Listening to some old songs coming back to me, Some I have heard but not so often and then there are those that make you want to stop and rethink your belief, not in a bad way, but in rejoicing way you are in a place where you are today. I found that for myself going through some Jars of Clay, Casting Crowns and a lot of oldies we over thirty only remember. The music world Christian or not stands still for no one. The Lord gave me a message actually a long time ago, I think it was February of 2000…. We posted the paper but that has since been thrown away this year all new material, for me I believe there will be a time when I need to save material for the new managers of Better Tomorrows, but I am not going anywhere, I don’t, think any-time soon. I have asked the Lord to spare me, until the work I have started at least has a hold on our societies. This of course is not the papers or the Christian sites, it is solely regarding the Crimes Against Children issues, they can blame it all on that fanatic Falcon, who just would not leave them alone. I feel sure we will either be, one day, it will be where we put to death a man for killing our children or at least something of the like. I know most Christian people would rather not debate the subject, and that’s OK because, as stated they can blame it all on me. I will not rest until men are no longer snatching children of the streets of our neighborhoods, This is a Global problem, no city is free from the evil that stalks our streets. I would be content with all man regardless of origin knowing that if they touch our children, if they take our children the cost they will pay for that choice. Hands down , no deals, no pleading-out, no good-time, no parole, no exceptions, period.. I mean how many children have to die before that is enough for us to take action, I say when the first child was abducted our laws should have reflected the out-lined here in. No one will ever convince me any differently, my question is why don’t we call s few of the parents that put their children to rest and ask them what they think?… I will take this to Washington, if that is where we have to go with it again, it seems to me if each state has senators, they should be address the issue in Washington. The place we need to get is the place we will take this I have often said "If we cab save one child." We have gone beyond that mission when they current laws and legislation seem to mean nothing. We have people rite out of jail for the same crime reentering society with the same desires. I know the Police and The FBI, America’s most wanted and the National Missing and Exploited Children’s Network all do work hard on these cases. We try our best to reach as many people in the area in which the child was taken sometimes five days straight with just a few hours rest Christian people working toward the same goal reaching that one person that can help the Police & FBI bring that child home. The responsibility is never wavering, I have told congress before I could care less who takes the credit just get the job done. I mean I just cannot think of a greater goal we have presently. Most of you know I have an illness and it has the ability to cause me to be very sick, in a very short period of time, and the doctors still are wondering why I am still here. Well, no one tells the Lord when to call His people home. I believe I will be around to do many things that will change the communities we live in, i.e.. our children able to walk the streets again without stranger danger but if you are a parent.... This is so important read the Harvey Carrasco case on the home page this young man saved his sister life.... Please read that and help your children know what to do........... I will continue to fight that laws and legislation end. Don't think there is not support out there, people just don't want to be boxed in as saying what we should do to an offender, Like I said, let them blame it all on me, whatever it takes, just make our children safe again.

here is the link on Harvery Carrasco



We now, over ten years, have made network and email notifications Alerts for missing children, Child Abductions, Even children who's lives have been taken as a result of man's selfish, evil, desires as they serve a whole different master than ourselves. This with hopes that one Tip, that one call could solves the case yet again putting the evil where it belongs, behind bars. I wish I could say all the work would result in our having an ending point of Crimes Against Children, I am sorry to say that may not occur until the Day of Christ., Sadly the atrocities lived before my own birth to this land and will most assuredly live beyond God taking me home. My goal is to have each state / country look at the laws they have in place and change them so as there will not be men stalking our children, plain & simple... Falcon


Photograph of and link to Michael Burke Michael Burke
Sexual Assault of a Minor
Photograph of and link to Eric Justin Toth Eric Justin Toth
Production of Child Pornography
Photograph of and link to Thomas Emil Sliwinski Thomas Emil Sliwinski
Bail Jumping, Criminal Endangerment
Photograph of and link to Jose Antonio Barroso Jose Antonio Barroso
Photograph of and link to Rex C. Reichert Rex C. Reichert
Child Sexual Abuse
Photograph of and link to Roy Stephen Hyatt Roy Stephen Hyatt
Possession of Child Pornography
Photograph of and link to Andrew J. Brantz Andrew J. Brantz
Child Molestation
Photograph of and link to Grant Lavelle Hudson, III Grant Lavelle Hudson, III
Child Molestation
Photograph of and link to Marlon Iverzander Lopez Marlon Iverzander Lopez
Child Sexual Abuse
En Espanol
Photograph of and link to Elby Jessie Hars Elby Jessie Hars
Sexual Conduct with a Minor
Photograph of and link to William Lee Copp William Lee Copp
Possession of Child Pornography
Photograph of and link to Richard Wright Laguardia Richard Wright Laguardia
Child Sexual Abuse
Photograph of and link to Lynn Owen Cozart Lynn Owen Cozart
Child Molestation
Photograph of and link to Jack Allen Poteat Jack Allen Poteat
Statutory Rape
Photograph of and link to Miguel Angel Ruiz-Rivera Miguel Angel Ruiz-Rivera
Aggravated Sexual Battery upon a Minor
Photograph of and link to Anthony Kendall Dewater Anthony Kendall Dewater
Failure to Appear
(Child Sexual Abuse)
Photograph of and link to Bany Garcia Mexquititla Bany Garcia Mexquititla
Interference with Custody
Photograph of and link to Erik Kristian Moller

Erik Kristian Moller
Failure to Appear
(Lewd Act Upon a Child)

Photograph of and link to Edward Claire Reischr Edward Claire Reisch
Child Abuse
Photograph of and link to Wayne Arthur Silsbee Wayne Arthur Silsbee
Sexual Abuse
Photograph of and link to William Willingham William Willingham
Kidnapping, Rape
Photograph of and link to Jeffrey James Fassero Ronald Dante Fontenot, Sr.
Indecent Behavior with a Juvenile
Photograph of and link to Charley Hollin Charley Hollin
Kidnapping, Child Molestation
Photograph of and link to Henry Enriquez Henry Enriquez
Rape, Gross Sexual Imposition
Photograph of and link to Jerold C. Dunning Jerold C. Dunning
Lewd and Lascivious Behavior on a Child
Photograph of and link to Frantz Dieudonne Frantz Dieudonne
Child Sex Crimes
Photograph of and link to Curtis Lee Brovold Curtis Lee Brovold
Criminal Sexual Conduct
Photograph of and link to Jorge Adan Wehby, Jr. Jorge Adan Wehby, Jr.
Sexual Assault

Listen to Chuck this is one of our most favorite Ministries for a few minutes it will change your day we have been faithful listeners for many years.



May the Light of God's
Love permeate you everyday,
May you always be loved by those around you,
May the wind always be at your back,
May you always, always walk with God.


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