Another Pornography Case

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Another Pornography Case
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Mercer on hand for plea in child pornography case

By ANGELA BRANDT - Independent Record - 04/10/09

Lisa Kunkel Independent Record - Montana’s U.S. Attorney William Mercer speaks alongside Helena Police Chief Troy McGee, left, during a press conference Thursday afternoon in the City-County Building.
A 39-year-old New York man pleaded guilty to attempted sexual exploitation of children and distribution of child pornography in U.S. District Court in Helena on Thursday.

Kyle G. Burris is accused of communicating via the Internet with an FBI agent in Helena who was posing as a single mother with two preteen daughters being groomed for sexual conduct with Burris. Burris also allegedly sent the agent pictures of children engaged in sexually explicit conduct and instructed the agent in how to molest the girls and take pictures of them to send to him.

Burris, of Tonawanda, N.Y., discussed traveling to Montana to have sex with the two daughters, according to court documents.

At a press conference following the change of plea hearing, Montana’s U.S. Attorney William Mercer said in the last decade more resources have been offered in order to combat crimes via computer.

“It’s really a high priority,” Mercer said.

Mercer said the sad reality is that in 1999 he oversaw two possession and online predator cases, and this year he estimated 60 to 70 individuals will be prosecuted.

The Montana Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force, a group consisting of federal, state and local agencies has been a huge drive in these efforts. The task force includes authorities from police departments, sheriffs’ offices, the U.S. Attorney’s Office, the FBI and Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

The Helena Police Department has a full-time detective who works on internet crimes.

Helena Police Chief Troy McGee decided the agency should be more involved in Internet crimes but didn’t have the resources to do so until about a year ago.

McGee said the Burris case has expanded into hundreds of leads in other criminal cases nationwide.

Burris pleaded guilty to two counts of attempted sexual exploitation of children and three counts of distribution of child pornography to a child. Two more counts additional counts of distribution of child pornography and a count of attempted distribution of child pornography of a child will be dismissed at the time of sentencing, according to court documents.

Burris is slated to be sentenced on Sept. 15

Angela Brandt: 447-4078 or

If you have followed us, you would know we have come a far and long way from the Initial inception of the Crimes Against Children We owe total credit to Washington Senator's, Congress-person's, The President and John Walsh. One would have never guessed that a small voice could reach the Capital of the United States while having such a great impact. My vision this year is taking the Crimes Against Children Initiative to the next level, I would be so pleased to be up out of work on these matter's, but we know by the incline in these crimes, unless we make examples some people will not get the message, "If they hurt our children they will pay the fullest extent of the law." Laws I intend on pleading to good people like you to help me change, to show Congress we will not stop unless the death of our children stop. Falcon Better Tomorrows

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